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A New Breed

RRP $16.99

It all started with a storm, a real gully washer, the type that comes racing across the plains with driving rain, howling winds, and hail as big as your fist. If it hadn't been for the stranger in buckskins, the Jakes family would have been in serious trouble. Little did they know, the storm was just the beginning of their struggles. They'd come to Colorado to raise a new breed of horse. Along the trail they would follow were new friends, old enemies, and the land. At times it was hard to tell which ones were the most dangerous. It would take all of their fortitude and the help of kind-hearted strangers to keep the dream alive.

Breeders Guide For Fillys Or Colts

RRP $34.99

All the information you need to produce colts or fillies every time you want is all right here in this little book. A must have for anyone who owns horses. A tired, tested, and proven program that have produce 100% results for the Author of this book for the past four years, those who contact her for breeding their horse every Year. It's all here for the first time ever!! For your convenience Best Wishes to all in the coming year, Alida Marie. ** May take a year or two to get same results

A Matter Of Breeding

RRP $42.95

October, 1901. Lawyer and private enquiries agent Karl Werthen accepts an assignment to protect the famous Irish writer Bram Stoker while on a speaking tour of Vienna. Meanwhile, his colleague, renowned criminologist Dr Hanns Gross has been called away to advise on a bizarre series of murders near his hometown of Graz, in the Austrian province of Styria. Three women have been killed with strange mutilations and scarring patterns left on their bodies. The third, most recent victim has had her unborn baby cut out of her womb. Clues have been left at each scene; clues that have been clearly mentioned in Gross' handbook for magistrates, Criminal Investigation. A coincidence? Dr Gross thinks not. Meanwhile, back in Vienna, Werthen's wife Berthe is investigating what seems to be a fraudulent breeding scheme involving the prized Lipizzaner horses. Could the two investigations possibly be connected? Matters become complicated with Werthen and Stoker's arrival in Graz. For, having read wild newspaper accounts of vampire killings, the Dracula author insists they investigate.

Color Your Way Into A Horse For Christmas

RRP $18.99

A fun and imaginative collection of horses at Christmas time. illustrations that are waiting to be brought to life through coloring.

Genetic Prehistory In Selective Breeding

RRP $258.95

Long before Mendel's ground-breaking discoveries about heredity, sheep breeders in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were transforming the appearance and qualities of their livestock by combining various traits of body and wool into new patterns. Exploiting what were then novel procedures - individual trait selection, close inbreeding and progeny testing - they demonstrated inheritance from both sexes and showed how it could be stabilized. This remarkable book examines how sheep breeding contributed to the early knowledge of heredity and how the theory was pursued during the early nineteenth century in Brno, where Mendel would later define the basis of genetics. Drawing from extensive records and scientific and social literature, the authors tell the fascinating story of experimental sheep breeding from a pan-European perspective, stressing its progress through empirical discovery and the spread of Merino sheep into northern Europe and Australia. The book provides detailed coverage of the Brno Sheep Breeder's Society and its role in the development of ideas about heredity, a comprehensive review of Robert Bakewell's sheep breeding achievements, and the impact of this work on Mendel's own education and professional research. This profound and entertaining work is destined to be a classic for historians and students of science as well as practitioners in all areas of scientific study.


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