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Hoop Skirts And Ponytails

RRP $19.99

Elvis is waiting outside in a big pink Caddy. Or rather, he would be if the dreams and fantasies of millions of teenage girls could only come true...And like so many other thirteen-year-olds, East End schoolgirl Jacky Hyams has fallen under the spell of the man with the swivel hips and sexy voice, an unforgettable moment in time amidst a tidal wave of social change in Britain: the era of the Fifties teenager. All around her, people are shaking off the memory of the drab austerity years after the Second World War. Ration books are now history. The good times have finally arrived. Families like Jacky's are starting to be tempted by the incredible new household goods in high street shop windows: TVs, fridges, washing machines, electric heaters, now widely available on credit. Wimpy bars and frozen fish fingers are changing the culinary landscape. Even the Prime Minister is telling the country: 'You Never Had it So Good.' Now, for the first time ever, teenagers are being wooed as never before, consumers in their own right, rather than mere mini versions of their elders. It is a dramatic cultural shift that sparks a huge rift between the generations. As bewildered parents struggle to cope with her teenage rebellion against old fashioned attitudes, for Jacky all these tempting changes can only lead her in one direction - an all embracing desire for freedom - and a growing determination to break free of the traditional East End way of life.

A Pony For Christmas

RRP $16.99

..".A delightful book about kindness, family, Christmas miracles--and ponies." - Kirkus Reviews

Winner, LYRA Award, Best Novella, Bookstores Without Borders
Winner, Reader Views Award
Winner, Best Novella, Hearts Through History RWA
National Excellence in Romance Fiction Novella Finalist

Six-year-old Suzy Jenkins desperately wants a pony for Christmas. And she's certain Santa will deliver. After all, she's been on her best behavior for months--not tattling on the bullies and even sharing her only candy cane. Besides, this year she has everything ready, including a cracked water bucket and several wizened carrots.

Suzy's mother struggles just to put food on the table. Life has been difficult since her husband died, and any pet--especially a pony--is impossible. However Suzy's unflagging belief in the importance of being kind serves as a catalyst, sending ripples throughout her snowy Nova Scotian town and bringing love and happiness to more than just a big-hearted little girl.

"A heartwarming story that brings together the wonderful innocence of children and the magic of the Christmas season." - Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"Pettersen's children's novella asks: What happens when a girl wants a horse more than anything? Suzy Jenkins is a 6-year-old girl who wants a pony for Christmas. She's come to understand that Santa just isn't sure whether she could handle taking care of such an animal. However, she's done her research, and she's believes she's more than ready to take on the responsibility when Santa finally brings her small horse.

As the holiday season progresses, she continues to get ready. She also charms Mr. Barrett, who owns a ranch and many racing horses, and Carl, an elderly man who appears not to have a home. In the end, Suzy finds herself at the center of a series of events that mends one family and helps to create a new one. Over the course of this book, it becomes clear that the story is primarily about different kinds of love--between Suzy and her mother, Suzy and Carl, and between Suzy's mother and Mr. Barrett. Pettersen's choice to tell the story through Suzy's eyes makes it charming from start to finish.

The budding romance between Suzy's mother and Mr. Barrett is understated, and Suzy's kindness to Carl is presented as a young girl doing her best to be good. Pettersen supplies hints of tragic pasts for many of the characters, but they're softened when seen through Suzy's young eyes... A delightful book about kindness, family, Christmas miracles--and ponies." - KIRKUS REVIEWS

A Pony For Jean

RRP $16.99

When her family fall on hard times, Jean and her family (including their dog Shadow) must move to the country. Not to worry though, as it seems they’re going to live in a lovely little cottage, and Jean is assured she can have chickens. And perhaps even a new puppy…

Jean has never been to the country before, and is fairly sure she isn’t going to like it. But she soon learns that the country is full of fun and adventures, and much more exciting than boring old London. Sadly her newly-discovered cousins are a bit haughty though, as well as pony-mad, and Jean wishes she could join in. But then a wonderful opportunity to do so arrives in the form of ‘The Toastrack’ (so-called due to his poor ribs sticking out so much) and Jean is told she can have him! The cousins are mean, and say a Knacker’s horse like that won’t ever come to anything, but Jean and the quickly-renamed Cavalier know they can prove them wrong. Gymkhana glory is only a few jumps away!

About the Author

Joanna Cannan (1896-1961)Joanna Cannan was the author of thirty-eight books in a variety of genres. Brought up in Oxford, she was proud of her Scottish ancestry and spent holidays in the Highlands, where she came to love a life more adventurous than usual for girls of the time. During WWI she was a nurse and met and married Captain Harold Pullein-Thompson. He was wounded in the war and she shared in supporting their family, of their son Denis - who became a playwright - and their daughters Josephine, Christine and Diana. It was their life in the Oxfordshire countryside that provided the background to the family's well-loved pony books.

Illustrator Anne Bullen was born in Hampshire, but grew up in Somerset amongst horses and ponies. In 1933 Anne married and moved to Dorset where she brought up six children with her husband, Jack. Her romantic and versatile illustrative style caught the eye of Joanna Cannan, who gave Anne her first commission in illustrating A Pony for Jean. Other authors followed suit, and Anne illustrated over forty books as well as three of her own. Anne and her husband also ran a very successful stud farm (The Catherston Stud), and although Anne very sadly died aged 51, she was able to watch her son compete at the Rome Olympics, the first of three Bullens to ride in seven consecutive Olympic Games.


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